Custom Cat Drinking Fountains

Attention all fancy cats–You don’t have to go the normal boring route of getting some cat drinking fountains from Amazon or petco anymore–if you want a super fancy cat drinking fountain, the internet is your oyster. There are a ton of cat drinking fountains that are designed as well as any sculptural fountains and they will definitely fit the taste of any discerning cat owner who is super into aesthetics. Although these cost more, they double as works of art and they are sure to invite some impressed comments.

Custom Cat Drinking Fountains on Etsy

I love Etsy because it is a great marketplace for all sorts of handicrafts that you can think of. I usually browse Etsy when I have a strong jewelry craving, but lo and behold they do have everything you can make under the sun. This also includes cat drinking fountains. This wonderful cat drinking fountain pictured to the left was made by gangiao. It almost looks like a cross between a sculpture and a bird bath! Even my most fancy drinking cup is not like this. If I was a cat I would probably stare at it all day. Hell, I’m staring at it right now. It is made to be food and dishwasher safe, has a freaking 9 cup capacity, and it is gorgeous to boot.

Funky Cat Drinking Fountains

There are also different bowl shaped cat drinking fountains, this one made by jueliescheffer1. As you can see, there are different ways to help your cat drink water and not compromise your decor. These are some funky cat drinking fountains that can really liven up your decor. This one is great if you are into cute, and it has a white ceramic pump with a 6 foot cord and a powerful suction cup. These are so subtley put in that I can’t even see the cords!


More Custom Cat Drinking Fountains

If you are looking for even more variety, check out Keith Davitt’s┬ácat drinking fountains over at Etsy. His cat drinking fountains are one of a kind and come in so many colors that you’ll be sure to find one that you’ll love. These fountains are gorgeous and also smple and easy to clean. He has been designing these for years and have been refining their design. Each one f these comes with a unique glazed bowl and and these materials are certified food safe.You can be sure that these custom cat drinking fountains can both fit in your cat’s health and your own home’s aesthetics





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